The objective behind this is to encapsulate these notes in a glass bottle, seal it and through to the sea of internet where some backbencher will read it one day and learn something. May be at least the fact that he is not the only one. Nobody taught me these, didn’t take up even commerce as an O/L subject. As the genuine back-bencher I am, had to learn all these via experience – the self-taught MBA.

The difference between a project and a product

                     This was so eloquently put together by the CEO of the software company I used to work for. I don’t remember the exact event, but I believe that he was elaborating on the fact that why he couldn’t grant us with huge salary increases during the time.

                      ” When I was small my father used to take me and my brother to Herculese tailors, bambalapitiya to get our school uniforms done. The tailor used to take measurements and the suits were perfect. Nowadays that culture does not exist. Nowadays people go to Hameedias and look for clothes and check whether they fit their size. Hameedias was a similar tailor shop those days, which Hercules tailors still are.

                        But, Hameedias somehow oversaw the future trends and evolved. They managed to build a brand/product for themselves in finished goods. The lift brands such as Le Bond and expanded their  horizons with a product based economy which was just an idea back then and the mainstream now.

                       Projects has to dimension to expand their horizons and acts as a breeding ground for innovative  ideas. But, product based scenario has limitations due to the burden of protecting the demand based market.

Start-ups, franchise and acquisitions

Start-ups describes itself. Yet it is not a fairy tale like the 70’s or the 80’s where apple was started by Jobs and Wozniak in jobs family garage. In Sri Lankan context it is always better to look at more realistic approaches such as the wonder boy Mr. Dulith Herath, who had initiated long before Google maps.

The man behind the wishing tree – An article in README.

A start-up according to many is a difficult task. The belief and being passionate about the concept of the business plays a huge part. Start-up have always encouraged innovation and free will changing the boundaries of the existing systems. According to traditional corporate mind-sets of Sri Lankans (like my father), a start-up is a huge risk and it is always better to work a good salary with minimum risk. Actually the trick is not to put all the eggs in the same basket and let your investment/passion blossom to a reality rather than fade away in the wild, like most of the good stuff in Sri Lanka.

Franchises on the other hand is a result of a company/business which has already blossomed and owns huge corporate prestige/image. Franchise comes as means of expanding the business chain exponentially by third parties who will fulfil the requirements stated by the mother company. Its simply the McDonalds Franchises operated by Abans.

In most cases the quality degrades immensely due to the fact that franchises are set to seek big profit margins and not to increase the prestige of the brand name. The hard work has been done by the original franchise owners. Embedding franchises to different communities has to be done very carefully in order to prevent Starbucks in Colombo serving Harischandra coffee. (Harischandra coffee is second to none, but the point in having a so called Starbucks franchise should not be to serve Harischandra coffee.)

      An Acquisition, as I understand is the change of management/rebranding may be due to company buyout/stock deals or other decisions taken by management. It can have mixed effects. It’s like dialog acquiring suntel. If some suntel employee was arguing they were better than dialog, he/she would have to change her tone.

Still, I believe that joining dialog has helped immensely for Suntel employees considering the corporate and technological exposure which dialog has to offer. Company acquisition by a foreign firm may result in hardships for the employees due to various cuts in benefits, but the overall exposure should do wonder for their careers.


Well then, that some things to ponder your head around Interns. I believe there are many more avenues and topics to be explored. Welcome to the corporate world interns.

As Bill Gate would say to school kids, “If you think your teacher is being was cruel to you, wait till you get a boss! ”.

It’s a tough world out there!